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20/11/2010 kl. 14:00

Kr. 250/100

Arrangør Piksel tlf. 4130 3074

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Pikselbasstronomisk på  Studio USF kl. 22:00 - dance floor madness
Pikselbasstronomisk på Studio USF kl. 22:00 - dance floor madness

Lørdagens Piksel på USF begynner kl. 11 med workshop og presentasjoner. Første live art act på Studio USF starter kl. 17. Dagsbillett kr. 100 / festivalpass kr. 250, selges ved inngangen.

Spectral Analysis and Processing in Pure Data - Alexandre Torres Porres
Studio USF kl. 11:00, workshop
Alexandre Porres is a very active Pd teacher in Brazil, having taught many Pd workshops. He was also the main organizer of the International Puredata Convention in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2009. during that event, he also taught an workshop on Spectral Analysis and processing in Pure Data, and published the first version of his book for Computer Music with a paper presentation, discussing the scenario of computer music in Brazil, and what were the needs the book was trying to fulfill.

The book is designed for beginners, it covers the basics of digital audio, synthesis, and is a nice introduction to spectral analysis in an accessible way. It covers well how FFT works and processing such as Spectral Shiffting, Convolution, Cross Synthesis, Vocoder, and Phase Vocoder. These are the main topics that will be covered in the workshop.

The objective of this workshop is to cover the basics of Puredata and introduce to Spectral Analysis and Processing. Participants will be provided with a good didactic material, and will learn how to use the Phase Vocoder Abstractions provided by the author, as well as other examples from the other topics.

Participants should bring their own laptops with PureData already installed.

Golden Shield Music - Sonification of IT censorship technologies
Marco Donnarumma
Studio USF kl. 14:00, presentation

Golden Shield Music (Marco Donnarumma, 2009) is a generative composition for eight audio channels that sits somewhere between and sound art originally created for Zeppelin 2009 exhibition at the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture.
The work is inspired by the Golden Shield Project, sometimes referred to as the ‘Great Firewall of China'.According to Wikipedia "it is a censorship and surveillance project operated by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) division of the Communist government of China. The project started in 1998 and began operations in November of 2003".
"You are 4.3 billion kilometres away from the nearest human, what would you like to do?"

Naked on Pluto - Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths, Marloes de Valk
Studio USF kl. 14:30, presentation

Naked on Pluto is a Multiplayer Text Adventure Game on Facebook. You wake up on Pluto, in a city under the rule of Elastic Versailles revision 14, a corrupted Artificial Intelligence and former entertainment colony. It used to be the Las Vegas of the Solar System, a true paradise for consumers and corporations alike. Until something snapped... What happened and how to escape?

Naked on Pluto is developed during a shared residency at NIMk, BALTAN Laboraties and Piksel, between June and November 2010, by Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk. The project is licensed Copyleft. The research and development process is documented and can be followed on and The game can be played on (teaser only a.t.m.).

Naked on Pluto is also part of the international touring exhibition Funware, opening November 12 at MU Eindhoven.

The White People - Federico Bonelli
Studio USF kl. 15:00, presentation
Bonelli says:
Pre-produce, finance, produce, shot and edit, post produce, print on 35″ stock, promote and distribute a small budget independent film in 2010.
The White People is a short film, shot on Red Camera in one night the 19th of March 2010 in a empty building due to demolition. Records a journey were the question "what is evil" is being formulated and put in a ritual context. It aims to become the teaser for the risky trip needed to find an answer to the same question.
I ask how a digital film can be made now, with open tools. What needs to be improved to allow free-makers worldwide to think "cinema". And till what extent the word makes sense.

The short film is for all to enjoy and raw footage is for hackers to play with during the seminar... Only rule is all findings have to be shared.

Scenic: Telepresence software for live performances and installations - Alexandre Quessy, Tristan Matthews
Studio USF kl. 16:00, presentation
Scenic is a free software suite for streaming audio, video and MIDI between live events. It was created at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) to give artists a powerful tool for telepresence in live arts contexts and new media installations.

The streaming is done over RTP with the GStreamer multimedia framework. Users can also choose low-bandwidth or high-quality codecs, depending on what is available on their system. It offers up to as many audio channels as your audio device supports.

In this presentation, two of the authors will explain and demonstrate the usage of Scenic for live transmission of audio, video and MIDI over networks.


FRUIT+EMOTION=NOISE - Martinka Bobrikova, Oscar de Carmen, Victor Mazon
Studio USF kl. 17:00, backstage USF, live art act

An audio-visual performance based in the audiovisual installation "E", where we create an open hardware by the use of the basic 3rd generation hardware, capable of process into sound the energy contained in fruits and vegetables, discarded by supermarkets, through an electrochemical reaction.

‐ Protest against current patterns of production and consumption, providing new critical devices.
‐ Evaluate the environmental impact generated in the field of waste management.
‐ Finds a second use for the fruits and vegetables which are discarded by supermarkets because of their color or shape and is not attractive for sale to customers.
‐ Visualize the sound of the energy given out by fruits and vegetables discarded by the supermarkets.

Phantasmata - Eleonora Oreggia
Studio USF kl. 21:00, live art act

Phantasmata = n. pl. phan ·tas ·ma ·ta, from Greek phantasma.

Images of the soul, mental images, something existing in perception only.
Mental imagery (varieties of which are sometimes colloquially refered to as ‘visualizing,'
'seeing in the mind's eye,' ‘hearing in the head,' ‘imagining the feel of,' etc.) is quasi-perceptual
experience; it resembles perceptual experience, but occurs in the absence of the appropriate external stimuli.

Description = Empiric noise-at-a-distance, electronic circuits, pulsating lights.
Instructions = Beware of your ears, close your eyes.
Disclaimer = If you think this performance may offend you, please call an Immortal.

faça-você-mesmo+hágalo usted mismo+diy - Cristiano Rosa
Studio USF kl. 22:00, live art
Rosa says:
Is an audiovisual performance that uses unique electronic instruments, delicate and unstable, built by the combination of assorted materials found at electronic debris, using Circuit Bending. These devices when played together generate electrical signals that reach a wide range of frequencies (from audible to ultrasonic). Depending on the combination of these signs, to locate its source is impossible, because the space is filled with this mass of sound that resonates in our body.

The instruments are unstable, sometimes they can simply stop, creating a constant risk during the presentation. All these malfunctions or glitches turn part of the improvisation.

Studio USF kl. 22:00, dance floor madness

Saturday November 20th Piksel and Basstronomisk Institutt join forces for a club night down at the Verftet, Studio USF.
The evening consists of live concerts by artists from Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Finland. All accompanied with the dubstep sound of three Basstronomisk DJ's and visual female fighter projections from Piksel VJ Marta Paz aka Sweena.

The evening starts with a concert and sound installation by Brazilian artist Panetone. Panetone circuit bends, and performs on boxes and devices soldered and modified by the artist himself, resulting in a challenging and tempting table setup.

Next out is Automat.Piss.Tool from Bergen, known for his energy-filled concerts, presenting his own unique sound with the use of "vintage" gear boxes, where the table layout itself is worth seeing. Automat.Piss.Tool aka Mr Porridge, has promised a special performance dedicated to

Last concert is provided by the Mesak from Finland, and Swedish musician Limonius.
Just labeled «an experimental and danceable experience spiced up with evil», we are invited to a dark and funky environment.
Limonius aka Pavan is the initiator musical genre Skweee, and part of the Flogsta Dance Hall label. Mesak is perhaps best known from the electro band Mr Velcro Fastener, and owner of the Harmonia Skwee label.

Basstronomic DJ's,Kjempetjukk DJ, Dj Woo and Dj Eldfot spins their dubstep records, before, during and after the concerts.

Dance floor madness!

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